I have been creating in SL for over 8 years, have had irrie's Dollhouse for over 3 years & am currently seeking quality bloggers for my shop.

Here are the terms:

~ Quality vs speed (watches for typos, quality photos, etc.)
~ Communicates with me & Blogger Manager
~ Loves vintage styles, particularly Victorian to 1950s
~ Posts credits for irrie's Dollhouse items in flickr photo descriptions
~ At least 1 post per month, At least 1 item per post
~ Keeps up with the major groups & feeds
~ Credits all items in the post
~ Likes to blog furniture, mesh, clothing, poses, jewelry or at least one of these categories.
~ Takes tasteful photos without excessive or overly dramatic editing or distortions to my products
~ None of my items in any X-rated posts with nudity or offensive or TOS violating materials
~ Receive all my group gifts, event releases & new store releases
~ Be listed in my blogroll


~ Please always notify myself AND Blogger Manager of any plans to be away from your blogging.
~ 1-2 months of vacation WITH notice given is ok.
~ More than 1 month of inactivity with NO notice is not ok and you will be warned. If you do not reply to warning, you will be ejected.
~ If you need to be away more than 2 months, please leave the group and you are more than welcome to apply again when you are back to blogging.


~ You will always be respected and required to be respectful with myself and Blogger Manager. Even in the event of a disagreement, if you cannot be nice, you will be asked to leave or removed.
 If interested, please complete the application and contact me in world so we can talk. Thank you :)

Bloggers Application

Store Location

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